A culinary experience in every pinch.

Bring exquisite flavors to your fingertips with our artisan salt blends.

Artful Seasoning Starts with Salt

Our Artisan Blends are made with pure sea salt from the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean. We blend just the right amount of salt with all-natural spices to bring out the very best in your cooking.

Steak Salt

Inspired by the flavors of our favorite steak experiences around the world. Whether in France, Japan, South America or here in the PNW, the best steaks are seasoned with the perfect balance of salt and just the right amount of spices to elevate the meat to an unforgettable taste.

Pita Salt

The seasoning you never knew you needed. Our toasty, herbaceous, and tangy Za’atar blend brings the vibrant, robust flavors we experienced in the Middle East and Mediterranean to your table. It elevates and brightens favorite spreads like hummus, labneh or use in olive oil as a dip.

Toast Sugar

Created to make breakfast experiences fun and memorable, our Toast Sugar instantly upgrades any sweet breakfast or dessert. It’s your childhood staple with a new level of complexity and dimension that elevates toast, crepes, coffee and more!

Portland Salt Co. 3-Pack

Whether you love the enjoyment of enhanced flavors at every meal, or just can't decide which amazing flavor to begin with, our 3-pack is for you! Make every meal memorable and delicious with a culinary experience in a pinch.


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