Making Exquisite Easy

Because life’s too short to eat uninspired food.

Our Mission

We’re making it easier for home chefs of all experience levels to bring exquisite flavors and memorable culinary experiences to their kitchens.

The Power of Salt

When in harmony with the other elements of a dish, salt enhances sweet, savory, and umami flavors, taking food to new heights. In our blends, we harness the power of this all-natural, essential nutrient so you can create precise and balanced flavors in your cooking without giving it a second thought.

Our Story

We live to travel and travel to eat. Experiencing culture through cuisine is our happy place. Through our global adventures, it has been a passion and privilege to find our way into the kitchens of some of the world’s top restaurants and learn from renowned chefs. Sharing these experiences with loved ones through our own cooking has become a tradition. 

The idea for Portland Salt Co. came when friends, family, and colleagues began asking us to make and ship them steak salt. The lockdowns during COVID increased the frequency and quantities being requested. Last Christmas, we made a large batch to gift to friends and family. The delight and positive feedback we received in return got us thinking about doing something more. 

Connecting through culinary experiences is our love language. We hope our products inspire your cooking and lead to delicious adventures and lasting memories of your own.


Thank you for bringing us into your kitchen!


Becca & Justin